About Us

If you and your family want a better future living in Canada, then you should know that Inmigración Canadiense can provide you with the necessary support to make your dream come true.

Inmigración Canadiense is a private company with a group of expert professionals in the field of immigration who provide advice to individuals and families from all over the world in each step of applying for a Canadian visa.

Inmigracion Canadiense
Inmigracion Canadiense - About Us

Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services where we carry out a thorough evaluation based on the profile of each client to find the best alternative to immigrate to Canada; we also offer guidance on the different steps of the Inmigración Canadiense process.

Our clients have the advantage of having the vast experience of a licensed immigration consultant working hand-in-hand with the knowledgeable staff of Inmigración Canadiense.

As an alternative to facing the complicated process of immigration to Canada alone, our clients can count on the correct information on how to apply for the Canadian visa because it is based on the situation of each person, the test of personal ability, and the current legislation.

Inmigración Canadiense’s group of experienced professionals also pay close attention to ensuring that forms are filed correctly and that all required documents are attached.

This professional advice is provided so that you and your family do not experience delays, do not make mistakes, and do not fall into the frustration that many people have who have tried to apply for Canadian immigration without having the advice of a legal representative.

Inmigración Canadiense staff do their best so that you and your family have, in the shortest possible time, the opportunity to work and live in Canada, thus enjoying an excellent quality of life, which is what Canadian citizens and permanent residents experience.

Expert Guidance

Inmigración Canadiense aims to provide you and your family with professional guidance and excellent customer service from start to finish so that you can move to Canada quickly, easily, and affordably.

Inmigración Canadiense is pleased to work with highly experienced immigration consultants in Canada who are authorized representatives of Great North Immigration Inc, Mr. Amir Shuval and Ms. Sigal Barak.

Excellent Benefits

These are some of the great benefits you receive:

  •     Professional evaluation according to your profile to conclude which Canadian visa is the most convenient for you;
  •     Guidance throughout the process to conveniently apply for Canadian immigration;
  •     Our experienced support team and an authorized representative will provide you with specialized services.
  •     Accuracy in the completion of the forms to then be presented correctly with all the required documents.
  •     Be prepared for the consular interview.
  •     Receive information regarding your situation during the immigration process.
  •     Questions you have about your personal situation are answered.
  •     Effective customer service in multiple languages.

●      Possibility of receiving Inmigración Canadiense services since you can pay as the process progresses, having access to different reliable payment methods that are available for your convenience.

Important information

Please note that Inmigración Canadiense receives services from Great North Immigration Inc and therefore provides our clients with an eligibility screening profile according to Great North Immigration Inc’s terms and conditions and our Terms of Use.

Inmigración Canadiense does not act as an agent for Great North Immigration Inc. or its consultants.

Please note that Inmigración Canadiense is a private company that provides professional services and advice to immigrate to Canada and has no relationship with the Government of Canada, which is the entity exclusively authorized to issue visas or give approval to a person to immigrate to Canada.