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Four Cities in Canada Are Top Locations for Movie Industry

Calgary has been listed as one of the best places to live and work as a filmmaker in 2022, ranking 10th out of 25 large cities in North America. The cities were ranked based on tax incentives, production spending, personal visits, and recent productions. The beautiful backdrops of lakes and mountains, urban centers, and wheat fields are perfect for movies. The government of Alberta removed the funding cap for projects last year. 

The cap with a maximum $10 million tax credit claims limited television and film productions. The film commissioner with Calgary Economic Development, Luke Azevedo, said the removal of the cap was a game-changer. There are many opportunities in Alberta and other Canadian provinces and territories. If you need information about the visa application process, contact Inmigración Canadiense today.

The impact of the change of incentives was felt immediately. Production spending reached $520 million in Calgary last year, with Calgary Economic Development aiding 123 projects and over 500 filming permits. High-profile productions were among those requested, such as The Last of Us, Fraggle Rock, and other series for Apple TV+ and Netflix. 

More are on the list for 2022. Two years ago, there wasn’t anything on the slate, but things are very busy now. Calgary was one of the four Canadian cities to make the top 10 movie location list. Toronto was ranked second, Montreal made fourth, and Vancouver was ranked sixth. Contact Inmigración Canadiense today for more information about the immigration process.